Monospaced font

I prefer to use a monospaced font for coding. Have been using Source Code Pro.

Came across this today:

Just passing it on.


I’m using “DejaVu Sans Mono”.

Recently I switched to 0xProto from JetBrains Mono, but whatever you choose, get it from Nerd Fonts. They take the most popular coding fonts and inject missing symbols into them. If your font isn’t there, there are instructions on how to do it yourself.

Their downloads page has 0xProto, Source Code Pro, and DejaVu Sans, with Microsoft’s MonaSpace coming.

I don’t know what happened but 0xProto is no longer available at Nerd fonts.
While downloading the download stopped and was incomplete.
Trying again to download it again failed with a white page with the text Not Found

How odd. They just added it so maybe they are doing some updates.

I updated my copy using their tools, and if you’re on a Mac or Linux, it’s pretty easy.

If you’d like my copy, send me a private message.

Personally I use Input Mono from Adobe Creative Cloud. If any CC subscribers like any of the Adobe fonts for this purpose, you can extract the fonts from your Creative Cloud installation for modification using the Nerd Fonts script using my app that’s actually written in Xojo.