MonkeyBread Software Releases the MBS Xojo Plugins in version 20.2

Nickenich, Germany - (May 12th, 2020) – MonkeyBread Software today is pleased to announce MBS Xojo Plugins 20.2 for macOS, Linux and Windows, the latest update to their product that is easily the most powerful plugin collection currently available for Xojo. MBS Xojo Plugins have been updated and now includes over 2600 classes and 70,000 documented features, and the versatile plugins have gained more new functions:

With this release we include the classes for the Photos framework from Apple. This enables access to the user Photos application and allows a whole new set of Mac utility applications to be written in Xojo for assisting photographers. You can access photos, create and modify collections of photos and work on the metadata. We include a control to show live photos with animation.

The new plugin includes a set of classes to connect to SAP systems via the SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK 7.50. The SDK allows to call remote functions in the SAP application and move data to/from SAP. By connecting Xojo applications to SAP systems, we enable a whole new field of collaboration where Xojo can be used to write tools for companies using SAP.

For our DynaPDF Plugin we upgraded the graphics class integration to work with TextShape class when using drawObject method. We improved the text alignment handling to match Xojo’s behavior. You can control how we process ClearRect calls to have Xojo reports draw on top of existing PDF pages. We now support drawing paths with DrawPath method in Graphics class with our DynapdfGraphicsPathMBS class. You can now assign a picture directly with SetCellPicture method in DynaPDFTableMBS class.

We added a NamedMutexMBS class to created named mutex objects cross platform. This allows to synchronize multiple applications running on one computer for access to shared resources. Works great with the shared memory functions in FileMappingMBS class.

When using SceneKit, the Apple framework for easy 3D graphics, we have a few improvements. The SCNHitTestResultMBS class provides results for hit testing, so you can for example query which object is hit by a mouse click. In the SCNControlMBS control you can use events to learn when renderer starts and finishes rendering. The SCNPhysicsWorldMBS class and related classes for physics allows you to realistically animate objects by using gravity and forces.

For our JavaScript engine embedded in the plugin, we got a great example using LibPhoneNumber. This is a library to format and validate phone numbers. The library is part of the example file and loaded in the JavaScript engine at start of the application, so you can run queries against it later. Great to format phone numbers in your text fields or to alert the user if the format is incorrect. This can be used on clients and server and does not need a HTMLViewer on the window!

For CURL we now handle IDN encoded domain names better. For Linux we now load libidn dynamically if installed and use it to resolve domain names with unicode characters. For MacOS we let the system do this as well as on Windows. We enabled SSPI, Kerberos 5 and SPNEGO for CURL functions on Windows.

Our new plugin allows you to use LibXL in version 3.9, the library we use to read and write Excel documents (xlsx and xls) without having Microsoft Excel being installed. The new version enables us to read styled text from cells in the document and return them as styled text in Xojo. In the other direction, we can pass styled text from a Xojo textarea control directly to a cell in the Excel document. For more low level access you can check XLRichStringMBS class. You can query whether a cell contains styled text and you can set the calculation mode for the whole document. For columns and rows you can now let LibXL return you the size in pixels to better adjust pictures to place to the right size.

For Elliptic Curve Cryptography we have the ECKeyMBS class, which got new properties and methods to query or set the private and public key parts.

We add NSURLSessionMBS and related classes to support HTTP/2 in Xojo on MacOS. To work with EXIF data in images, we have ExifTagsMBS and ExifTagMBS classes. For HTMLViewer using Internet Explorer on Windows, we can now enable HiDPI support. We added NSDateIntervalMBS class and accessibility properties to NSWorkspaceMBS class. The PNGReaderMBS class got new properties to control maximim chunk size and related values.

Finally we updated the plugin SDK to the new version for Xojo 2020r1, CURL to version 7.70.0, DynaPDF to, SQLAPI to 5.0.6, LibXL to 3.9 and OpenSSL to 1.1.1g.

See release notes for a complete list of changes:

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

More details in the release notes. Please take the time to check our 2100 example project and check where you can use our plugin features in your applications.

The plug-ins requires current or older versions of Xojo. While all plug-in parts compile on macOS, Linux and Windows, each function may depend on additional system requirements to work successfully. Only used plugin parts of plugins are added to your application.

Plugin licenses are available for components or for the complete collection. Please visit the website store for prices. Please join us on the next conferences to ask questions in person.

The plugins can be downloaded on MBS’ website as one big package or several smaller ones:

The online documentation can be found here:

Read the complete release notes here:

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Located in beautiful Nickenich, Germany, MonkeyBread Software is a privately held company founded in 2000 by Christian Schmitz. MonkeyBread Software focuses on the Macintosh, Linux and Windows platforms. With over twenty years as a software developer, Christian’s aim is developing unique and useful utilities, complemented by first-class customer support.