MonkeyBread Software Releases the MBS Xojo Plugins in version 19.1

Nickenich, Germany - (March 12th, 2019) – MonkeyBread Software today is pleased to announce MBS Xojo Plugins 19.1 for macOS, Linux and Windows, the latest update to their product that is easily the most powerful plugin collection currently available for Xojo. MBS Xojo Plugins have been updated and now includes over 2400 classes and 64000 documented features, and the versatile plugins have gained more new functions:

As you may know we have an existing BigNumberMBS class which provides a 320-bit floating point number. The new LargeNumberMBS class adds an integer with up to 4128 bits in size. That is enough bits for 1200 digits. You can generate big prime numbers, use normal math operators and bitwise operations.

Our DirectShow classes for recording video on Windows got upgraded. We now have a DirectShowAMVideoCompressionMBS class to configure video compression settings. Several classes got a ShowPropertyDialog method to show the standard configure dialog, so you can setup streams, camera controls, and video compression.

For SceneKit we added 28 new classes to handle basic geometry in 3D scenes, add actions, constrains and materials. We got a few nice example projects to show you how to construct items in 3D space and display them to the user.

The older NSUserNotificationMBS class got deprecated, so we added UNNotificationMBS and related classes for notifications on MacOS 10.14 or newer. This includes actions in the notifications, so user can respond directly.

For GraphicsMagick we got a new class to convert images threaded: GMConvertMBS and GM16ConvertMBS classes have properties for which image to load, what effect to apply and where to save it. As this works with preemptive threads, you can do various image operations in parallel to batch process a lot of images. Similar CGImageSourceMBS.CreateThumbnailMT method can create thumbnails using MacOS frameworks threaded.

We upgraded NSSpellCheckerMBS class for MacOS. The new NSTextCheckingResultMBS class provides details on all the issues found. This includes both grammar and spelling errors.

The new TextConverterMBS class converts between various text encodings, we got new UTF-8 related functions for StringHandleMBS class, we upgraded StoreKit classes for MacOS 10.14 with new subscription methods. For Linux we got a new LinuxIconMBS module to query file icons. For Windows we can now query all hard linked files to a given file path and TimerMBS class got an enabled property.

For SQLErrorExceptionMBS we now provide the SQL string causing the error, JSONMBS class got a new delete item method and PictureMBS has a new FilePath property for the temporary file used for memory mapping. NSColorSpaceMBS class can now tell you the file for a colorspace, PDFDocumentMBS class can now write file with options and TiffPictureMBS can query scanlines scaled down.

Finally we updated CURL to version 7.64.0, DynaPDF to version, SQLAPI to version 4.2.5 and SQLite to version 3.27.1.

See release notes for a complete list of changes: