Monkeybread Software MapKitiOSControl Demo

Has anyone seen a good demo app for the Monkeybread MapKitiOSControl that they wouldn’t mind sharing? The iOS demo that ships with the control doesn’t do much and the desktop demos don’t seem to answer my questions.

The main issue I’m having is that I can’t see a way to associate a tag property with an annotation so that when the user clicks on a pin, I know what they’ve clicked on and can show the correct MobileScreen.

I was able to get this working with Xojo’s MobileMapViewer but because of the way you can’t pass coordinates in the constructor and thus wind up quickly hitting Apple’s rate limiting on looking up addresses, I can’t use it and have to use the MBS control instead.

Have you tried to subclass MKPointAnnotationMBS class to add your properties?

Thanks Christian. Yes I had a look at this but didn’t find a way to associate a tag (or other) property to enable to me identify the entity (in my app) when the user clicks on a pin.

Well, either you subclass or you put them into a dictionary to store the tags.
In future I could add a tag property for the plugin class.

OK great, I’ll do that. I just wanted to check that there wasn’t a way to do this already as I was worried that I might be using it wrong. Thanks again.