Monkeybread Software Announces Combine PDFs 5.3 for Mac OS X

Nickenich, Germany - Monkeybread Software today is proud to announce Combine
PDFs 5.3, an update to their popular PDF merge and split tool for Mac OS X.
With a focus on ease-of-use, Combine PDFs is a lightweight utility which
allows anyone to merge PDF files and images (JPEG, TIFF, etc.) into a single
PDF file. Additionally, users can split a PDF file or create a new PDF file
with interleaved pages from two different PDF files.

The user need only drag & drop files onto the program icon. The main window
appears allowing the user to set the order in which the files are joined, or
to remove any files. A menu command launches a window for the input of
metadata, such as Title, Author, Creator, Subject, and Keywords. Once all PDF
and image files are correctly ordered, and metadata has been entered, a single
menu command will automatically join all the selected files into a single PDF

Combine PDFs also supports the use of encrypted passwords. With the password
option activated users can restrict the viewing, copying and printing of any
document. The app permits use of 40 bit, or extremely strong 128 bit
encryption. Also supported are OS X Quartz filters which enable users to apply
a variety of effects to both PDF and image files. Effects include variable
compression level, lightness, gray tone, sepia, and black and white. A preview
window allows the user to review all files and effects before producing the
final PDF document, and full-screen preview is available.

Changes in Version 5.3:

  • Fixed preview window setting, so it’s saved and honored on next app start.
  • Added swedish translation.
  • Can use app store license in shareware version.
  • Added retina support and now a Cocoa application.
  • Added preference option to enable copying of annotations.
  • Requires MacOS 10.9 or newer.
  • Upgraded to 64-bit.

Version 5.3 sports many new improvements, adding support for French and
Italian, automatic metadata, more metadata values, and user selectable fonts
for text overlays. Combine PDFs exploits the powerful PDF Libraries built into
the Core Graphics of Mac OS X, permitting operations not supported natively on
the Windows platform.

“Everyone is using PDFs now because of their high quality and cross-platform
compatibility,” commented company CEO Christian Schmitz. “With Combine PDFs
Mac owners can ‘unlock’ any PDF, and combine, edit, create and merge PDF and
image files.”

Language Support:

  • English, German, Italian, Swedish and French

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.9 or later


Combine PDFs 5.3 for Mac OS X is shareware, and available now for $30.00
(USD). A free demo version is available which will combine the first 1,000
pages of PDFs before requiring the purchase of a license. Review copies
available on request.

Monkeybread Software

Combine PDFs 5.3

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