Mojave - Xojo2016

I can wait if I must… but for now I have Xojo2016 and plan on upgrading to Xojo2018 come BlackFriday (assuming the normal discount sale occurs)
In the meantime, I was wondering if anyone has any insight (positive and/or negative) into upgrading to Mojave while still using Xojo2016

I’d prefer not to make two major changes at the same time (yeah I know Xojo upgraded shouldn’t count as “major”, but still)

I’ve been in and out of 2016r4.1 a lot recently and it’s running just fine on Mojave in light mode. Only really noticeable thing is the debug executables don’t get deleted bug is reliably every time.

I have experienced that issue with High Sierra, although I can’t determine the conditions where it does or does not happen. Sometime I go days with no issues, then it happens for a few days, then stops etc.

So I guess I’ll bite the bullet and upgrade my main machine to Mojave tonight… I normally do this on my laptop first, but High Sierra was the last one that was compatible :frowning:

Well I got Mojave installed… stupid thing changed my desktop colors… and now all the dropdowns in Safari are the color of the desktop not white…

I am using XOJO 2015 3.1 with Mojave and is working perfect.

It works fine (so far)… just wish I could get the dropdown colors in Safari to be white again

Check out “Assisted devices” or similar in System Preferences. White human on blue background. Then Monitor section. Select “Reduce Transparency”.

I found the 2nd thing you mentioned… but not the first

System Preferences > Accessibility > Display > Reduce Transparency

I think Dave found that but not the “Assisted devices” white human on blue background.

Albert is correct…

I think Trixie was just trying to point out “Accessibility” and the instructions for how to reach Reduce Transparency without using any of the language. Greg’s instructions are the same, using the English localizations.

Oh, now I get it, thanks Tim, the “white human on blue background” is the icon description for Accessibility. Cool.

Changing that value made no difference… except to make the main menu and dock change colors

You should notice overall less transparency throughout the system. These values do affect a lot of subtle things that are sometimes awe-inspiring how thought out they are. For example, somewhere along the way, some moron introduce jiggly toolbar items when customizing them. Reduce Motion makes this not happen like the good ol days of 10.11.

You should see subtle changes like sheets are far less transparent and menus should be less transparent. The menubar and dock as you noted are significant and easy to notice. It’s a “reduce” transparency setting, not a “disable”, so you will still see some things have a little transparency to them still.

Side note, I also recommend upping the contrast a smidge for Mojave - even if you’ve never used this accessibility feature before, it makes Mojave significantly easier to see.