Mojave Console

I am trying to debug an application on Mojave; and wow… What on earth did Apple do to the Console application? Nothing from my application shows up there anymore. I don’t mind so much as I’ve been using my own logging for a while, but Cocoa Exceptions used to show up in the console, I think that’s what’s happening now, but I can’t find anything useful in Console.

Anyone got any advice on how to use the “Console” under Mojave?

The problem is IMHO that too much stuff is logged. Did you filter for your app?

I did, but it doesn’t show anything.

Yeah, far too much useless information, seems like everything logs 100s of messages, no wonder Mojave is so damn slow, all those messages being written to disk all the time.

I used to find Console useful, f’rinstance when I was having a problem with a Time Machine drive I could see error messages being logged. Now I too cannot find anything useful at all.