Mojave artifact on VM

I have 2 Mojave VM on my macbook with macOS 10.12.6:

  • Virtualbox with Mojave beta
  • Parallels lite with Mojave release

Both show this:


My question is: Mojave looks the same directly on mac hardware?

I’ve not seen artifacts like this on a 2015 MacBook.

Thank you Sam.

I’ll try to change some hardware settings for the VM and see if that improves something. Having issues like this with the VM is a problem if I want to test Xojo (don’t want to report fake bugs).


Beware of the low memory situations.

Thank you Emile, I will look into that.

It was easy an easy installation (Mojave release with Parallels Desktop Lite).

If anyone else has this issue, I changed the default Graphics option (Parallels Desktop Lite) that is set to ‘Scaled’ and changed it to ‘Best for Retina display’ and the artifact is not there anymore.

I see something similar in TweetBot’s search box, but that’s not in a VM. Not sure if that helps or not.

Hal, I guess there are a lot of changes with Mojave, so maybe TweetBot is not fully Mojave compatible yet?

FWW Fusion (VMware) has much better support for Metal. Especially Mojave is running very fast. With PD it’s kinda funky to work with (and very slow).