Mojave and colors, don't understand how that works

I don’t see the same behavior on native apps than what I get with Xojo.

Black text on light mode turn white in both, but off-black text stay off-black with Xojo in Dark Mode.

I did a test with Notes, changed the text color to Hex 000001 in light mode, changed to dark mode and the Hex changed to FEFEFF.

A black oval and a white square stayed the same (maybe my expectation to change the color from black to white or white to black is not really how things work), so what I did is try to copy the light pink color from calendar light mode expecting to get the darker color in dark mode, but was not successful.

After my tests I don’t know how the light/dark mode works and how to make it work correctly in Xojo

One source that works as a good starting point is to insert a color and in the macOS color picker, select the “Color Palettes” from the type and then select “Developer” from the popup menu. If you use those predefined colors, the dark/light mode options seem to be a lot more consistent.

Unfortunately you’ll still need to request both dark and light colors and switch them yourself because the color picker returns the RGB equivalent in Xojo.

Please go read my blog post about the updates for 2018r3. There’s a list of changes that we made to controls to make them “just work” when you’ve got the default colors selected.

Thank you Greg.

I’m trying to find more information about the default colors. I read your blog post, Paul’s blog post and the user guide.

For example, the default window background color change if light or dark mode. Let’s say I want to match that background color for a TextField. Is there a default color that I can set that automatically change the color for light/dark mode or it is not a default color and I need to add code to match it?

Havent been able to see how to make my app become dark mode aware.
I kinda expected to just compile, deploy, then start noting which bits worked adn which didnt.
Nothing changed.
Is there a setting I missed?

For a Desktop project look in ‘Build Settings’, ‘Shared’, in the Inspector, under ‘Build’ is a switch labelled ‘Supports Dark Mode’.
Xojo2018r3 and above.

Whoops, hit Post to early.

Then read the documentation and, optionally, the blog posts listed in Alberto’s post.