Modules/Classes & drop

If I drag a class from one project to another I can’t drop it on a module so I then need to again drag the class into the module within the project. Is there a reason for this or should I create a FB case? F/R or Bug?

Sounds a little like a case that Norman filed today <>

Well will you look at that :slight_smile:

I need to stop making work for myself :stuck_out_tongue:

You might also like to note that if you delete all the classes from a module the classes tag is still visible in the navigator. It also appears to accept drop (doesn’t of course).

Reports from XDC indicated that the Navigator was to be replaced at some time this year?

That one has been reported already <>

Under “Roadmap” there is
Towards the end of the year, Xojo is working towards shipping an updated IDE with simplified project layout and management.

is it better that you create work for yourself or is it better that we do?