Module encryption with classes


Strange thing, I can encrypt module without classes in IDE (2016R4.1 or 2017R1.1), but if I’ve added a class to the module, the “Encrypt …” menu item of the module became inactive.

Is it a bug or feature?

My bet: Unsopported edge case.

It is amazing, how such simple unsupported cases can make things harder to do.
Except one nice module, I’ve to provide module with 15 classes, many of them are “internal” and shouldn’t go out of module scope.

that was a guess. Maybe wait for @Norman Palardy to comment.

Is a old bug see here, what I do is encrypt the classes in the module not the module itself, I put others things like methods, propierties, constats, etc in other modules, is just a wrap for classes.

Hm, feedback://showreport?report_id=5822 looks like the issue has been fixed. Didn’t tried yet.
Better late than never.

Thanks Xojo!

In Xojo2017r2 you can encrypt a module with classes. But remember to encrypt the classes within as separate step.
Otherwise you will see only the encrypted module in the navigator, but if you save the project as text project you will see the module encrypted and the code within each classes.

Thank you.