Modify existing Mac application for iOS

Hi, I develop Xojo applications in my spare time (for Mac and some for Windows).
My real job is to sell Stoves. We have an application made with Javascript/AdobeAir to show all the possibility of our stoves :

I’m able to make this with Xojo for Mac and Windows. But not for iOS.
We don’t want to sell this application, in fact, it would be for our dealers when they visit their customers with their iPad.
I’m not the boss, I’m just an employe.

I didn’t pay my Apple developer id.
Then two solutions :

  • I pay my Apple developer id. Is there someone here able to do the change on my source code to submit my application to the AppStore. How much would you ask for that ?
  • Same, but you submit the application with your developer id (I prefer).

Are all the salesman’s iPads hooked up to the internet? If so, couldn’t you make a web app using xojo? Then it’s about hosting the app on the company’s servers and no need to deal with apples store whatsoever.

No, I want the app to run without internet connection. And the price will be calculate in the application version, which is not on the internet version.

You mention iPAD… at this time your only solution that involves an iPAD and XOJO is the WEB.
There is no iOS version of XOJO… someday there will be… but even then you will have to wait… hope the initial version is robust enough to handle your needs, not to mention still design, write, test and deploy the applicaiton.

So the first question you need to ask is… WHEN do I need to have this available? If your answer is within the next year. You will need to go WEB.

Also remember… Desktop and WEB applications you can deploy where you want, how you want. But an iPAD application HAS to deploy thru the APP Store, even if it is FREE or for a private audience. (at least that is what I understand to be true)

Thank you for your answer. I need this application now (in the next weeks or next months).
I’ve a Xojo Desktop license. And I didn’t really understand what was the Xojo WEB. I read on the Xojo web page :

Then the iPad need an internet connexion ? But they don’t, I would like a stand alone application. And for those which have internet, the link I gave is ok and works well.

Then no solution at the moment :frowning: .

I bought File App Pro which is able to run Javascript. I already wrote another small program in Javascript. This is another solution, rewrite the program in Javascript only (without AdobeAir). And then the salesman will have to buy FileApp Pro.

Thanks again for your answers.

The solution (for now) is to convert the application to a native iPad app in Xcode. Going by what you linked to, this would be a fairly trivial app. If you don’t know Objective-C/Xcode yourself, you could pay someone on or similar site to do it for you. Or PM me and we can chat :wink:

Next, you’ll want to pay for an Apple Developer account. This is to get your app on iPads (not just the simulator). You can use Ad Hoc provisioning to distribute your app to 100 devices - you do NOT have to go through the App Store to do this. See

It sounds like you don’t want your app on the App Store, but if you did, you’d still want your own Developer account - no self-respecting developer would distribute your app in this way.

Hope that helps.

Thank you. I asked my boss but he doesn’t want to pay for a complete development, and as the configuration will evolute, he was ok if I would be able to do it myself.

Thank you for yours answers.