Modern proper calendar control

Hello guys,

Is there any proper modern calendar control for XOJO. that we could get ? i’m looking for something more updated to the current OS, MacOS and Windows that should look modern .

I did saw the one Jeremie has but i think he did not update it for a while and i don’t want to get surprises.


Björn has one here:



My Calendar control is now open-source and available on Github: GitHub - jkleroy/Xojo-Desktop1.0-CalendarView

GraffitiSuite (by @Anthony_G_Cyphers) also has a Calendar control: GraffitiCalendar – GraffitiSuite


Wow, that Calendar Control looks Awesome Jeremie!

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I had created my own… a minimalistic one.
See the following video and if you are interested just write me.


Tha is NOT a CalendarView, that is a Date picker

Your comment is NOT useful

This looks great @Jeremie_L. Can I ask, why does Little Snitch report that the app is calling back to

The AutoUpdate Method of the CalendarView Canvas, is looking for an Update in Line 51/52:

Dim result As String = update.Get("" + product + "&version=" +_
str(me.kVersion) + "&xojo=" + XojoVersionString + "&reg=" + str(Registered) + "&limit=" + str(mLimitDate) , 5)

I removed the AutoUpdate Method in a Fork and created a Pull Request.


The beauty of open source, he is checking for available updates.

Edit: overlap with @Sascha_S . I had the window open for too long :wink:


I accepted the Pull request from Sascha, thanks!

My controls used to have an auto-update feature when I was actively developing them.
Auto-update has no sense anymore.


It is still probably usable for people to see, how they could implement an update system :wink: .

That would be nice indeed

Is there an easy guid on how to download, /install/ use this from github??? Most of the plugins I use I just throw in the plugin folder…?

This is not a plug-in but a xojo set of classes.

Just copy the calendar folder from the example to your own project.
Then drag a CalendarView instance to one of your windows.

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great work, it awesome ! great UX :astonished:

but copy pasting using xojo 3.2 doesn’t compile,

i tried to changed window to desktop window, but errors got piled up i gave up

solution open in xojo 2021 2,1 copy paste module, compiles

one bug

build example, select couple days
click repeat box, app crashes

Feel free to do a pull request with some updates if it doesn’t run on the latest version of Xojo.
I am too busy with other projects at the moment.

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yes currently working on it! :), changing preferences system, and by tomorrow i’ll have it i my app, sending graphQL events to our systems :tada: :tada: :tada:

Wow… impressive. Thank You! The only thing I need to update is week number, since in EU there is ISO week number norm, which is not equal to Date.WeekOfYear in Xojo.

if anyone interested, here’s my method for it:

Public Function ISOWeekNumber(extends dt as date) As integer
  // ISO 8601 week number
  var dow,woy as UInt8
  if dow=0 then dow=7
  if woy=0 then
    var dp as new date (dt.Year-1,12,31)
    if dow=0 then dow=7
  elseif woy=53 then
    var dp as new date (dt.Year+1,1,1)
    if dow<6 and dow>1 then woy=1
  end if
  Return woy
End Function


CalendarView updated with your code.