Modal on Modal

Is it possible to have a web modal window pop up on top of another web model window? At the moment when I call one, it gets placed behind the first modal.

Interesting that using the same dialog works as expected:
samedialog.2022-05-20 07_51_53

Without looking, if they have the same z-index, then I think DOM order controls their z position.


using z-index forcing, I am able to stack 4 different modal dialogs on top of each other.

Yeah, I use a bit of JS that traverses the DOM and calculates the highest z-index and applies that value plus one to ensure that nodes which should be at the top of the stack are always at the top.

for my websdk alerts, I have such JS method to ensure the alert is on top of the others too.

You are correct:

It looks like Xojo (for Jean-Yves Feedback case and I guess James too), the second WebDialog div is before the first WebDialog, like this:
so the second Dialog shows behind the first.

When we use the same dialog, then each newly created dialog will be after the previous one, that’s why they show correctly.

Maybe @Ricardo_Cruz can think of a way to reorder the dialogs or some other way to allow us to send several WebDialogs without using the JS workaround (modify z-index)

or add an optionnal z-index parameter to the showmodal method.

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I had time to revisit this, I can’t find a way to control how Xojo orders the WebDialog Instances, but if you don’t use Instances and create a new WebDialog like:

var dlg as new WebDialog2

you can get this: (1)

Jean-Yves, I updated your feedback case 66151 with a modification. Just did fast testing don’t know if this will work on all situations.