MobiletoolbarButton : how to show state and another bug

I have a bunch of MobiletoolbarButtons which represent ‘state’
They display an icon, but cannot display icon and text.
When one is tapped, I want to show which one it was.
Either by changing its color, or making the others look dimmer without being disabled.

I can’t find a way to do that.
I suppose a segmented control does what I need, but a toolbar is what I want it to look like.

Any ideas?

I’m sure they should have a background color property, but none is exposed.

Bug: if I change the style from ‘Plain style’ to ‘Bordered style’, it displays ‘Done’ (Wrong - there is no caption and there is an icon)
and the style cannot be changed back (bug)

Can’t help you with adding text, but using SF Symbols lets you change the “weight” and “template color”. Here’s an example of this:

// Add Duplicate Fleet Button
Var duplicatebutton As New MobileToolbarButton(MobileToolbarButton.Types.Plain, “”, _

That’s interesting.
Sadly I won’t use that because I am anticipating (?) less work porting to Android if I don’t use Apple-specific code.

I have come to the conclusion that MobileToolbarButton isn’t stable yet: (changing the type in the inspector shouldn’t lead to a state that cannot be reverted in the inspector, and the buttons seem to place themselves in unpredictable places)

For my purposes, I have now replaced the ‘toolbar’ with a segmented control, which looks fine, and does show selected state easily.