MobileTextArea ignoring line breaks when loaded via sqlite

I am working on porting my iOS app to Android. On a modal screen, I have a MobileTextArea that is populated with text from a sqlite table record. The text in the sqlite record has line breaks, but the text area seems to be ignoring it. I’m not sure if this needs encodings or is a bug. I attempted the following with encodings, but my knowledge in this area is minimal, so I might be on the correct path, but the below made no difference

txtExplain.Text = rs.Column("Solution").StringValue.DefineEncoding(Encodings.UTF8)

Note. This all works with the proper line breaks in iOS. It’s just Android that is not showing the breaks appropriately in the MobileTextArea

Using Xojo 2023 r4

somehow line breaks can be ascii code
13 10
10 13

may see EndOfLine.

Ah yes, ReplaceLineEndings does the trick. Thank you Markus!