MobileTableCellData Issue (and solution)

iPhone app. One of the things it does is display some lists. Used a MobileTable. The lists will be short. The problem was that the items in one of the lists were fairly long (lots of characters) so they got clipped. Didn’t want to use a custom cell.

First tried simply putting a new line in the string. That didn’t work. The stuff after the newline just didn’t show.

Second, tried using the createCell method. Using some the text for the “title” and the rest for the detail. Looked sort of okay in the simulator, but on the phone, the cells ran into each other.

Finally, used createCell but set the value (“title”) to an empty string and all the text I wanted to display as the detail. This worked perfectly: The detail shows up in the middle of the cell in small type (the same size as other type on the screen).

Hope this helps.

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