MobileScreen.Opening not consistent with other platforms

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DesktopWindow.Opening() is raised after all controls within it have raised their own Opening() events. This is really useful as a place to manipulate controls once you know everything on the window has been initialised.

During experiments with iOS today it seems that this is not the case with MobileScreen.Opening(). I am seeing it fire after controls on it. This is really confusing and is not documented. This is especially true since the Xojo documentation (iOS guide) repeatedly states that mobile screens are very similar to desktop windows.

Is this expected behaviour or a bug. If it’s expected then I think there should be another event that is fired when all controls have initialised.

I see (Desktop):
: Window1.Button1.Opening
: Window1.Canvas1.Opening
: Window1.Opening

(Mobile iOS)
: Screen1.Button1.Opening
: Screen1.Canvas1.Opening
: Screen1.Opening

Weird. I have a canvas subclass as the only control on a mobile screen and I see it firing it’s opening event after the screen.