MobileScreen.AddControl signature wrong?

Can anyone give me a hint why the compiler keeps saying the signature expected is (hover over AddControl in IDE):

MobileScreen.AddControl(child As iOSControl)

and the docs say:

MobileScreen.AddControl(child As MobileControl)

Looks like the last is expected since i’m adding a MobileControl (param c As MobileControl)

Compiler error message:
Xtend_MobileScreen.AddControlFullSize, line 3
There is more than one method with this name but this does not match any of the available signatures.

Ok the docs say expecting a MobileControl but changing the c param in my method to MobileUIControl fixes the error.

Perhaps a doc error ?
Should be:
MobileScreen.AddControl(child As MobileUIControl)

Thanks Derk, I updated the documentation.
Now let’s hope the changes are also applied to the new docs.

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Also the IDE hover over (info at bottom of editor) needs to be fixed.