MobileMapViewer is a great new addition (as of 2020 r2) with lots of potential uses. Especially powerful is the ability to set a different icon picture for different MapLocations. I am drawing pictures for icons that are oriented according to their azimuth (which can vary with each point plotted). One can even put text into the pictures! Now a couple of questions:

When the user rotates the map, it appears that the icons do not rotate with the map but are simply fixed. Is there any way to (a) get the icons to rotate with the map, or (b) get the amount of map rotation so that I can redraw the icons in the correct orientation?

When the user specifies an icon for the marker, is the picture drawn with 0, 0 at the MobileLocation or is it drawn with (pic.width/2, pic.height/2) at the mobile location?

Finally, it would be great if we could also draw paths in the MobilemapViewer (Feedback case 63663).