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Hi y’all.
Is it possible to use the MobileMapViewer to navigate/route like the Maps app?

With the MBS plug-ins yes, but the build-in MapViewer is very limited.

It is also seriously hobbled as whoever implemented it seems to have been unaware that you also need a constructor that does NOT perform an automatic lookup - because basically you do NOT need an address to show a location on the map - you just need coordinates. Xojo seems to have missed that … :man_facepalming:

For example you don’t need an address for a runner’s GPS track (it has the coordinates for over 8000 trackpoints).

Which brings me to another point that whoever implemented it missed: if you submit more than 50 lookups in a short time then you get throttled (and potentially banned). The basic rule is that lookups should be done in response to user action - at one per MINUTE. There is SOME leeway, but if you want to show the locations of anything with more than 50 items on a Map? Forget it.

If you have xDev then you can read my article about MapViewer on iOS in the latest issue … it’s another half-baked feature that could be massively improved if

  • they add another constructor to MapLocation that accepts coordinates but does not look up an address automatically
  • they make Latitude and Longitude NOT read only properties (forget about moving a pin or setting a custom pin in the wilderness)

And don’t mention “advanced” features like clustering pins when they get close together, or directions, or … :roll_eyes:

If I want to put a positive spin on it: there is LOTS of room for improvements … :grin:

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