To use MobileLocation one needs to create a little plist file and include it.

Might be nice if Location Services was included in the Capabilities area. Then, if checked, Xojo could write the file.

Is this worth putting in Feedback?

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If you feel any enhancement is needed then yes it is worth filing a FB

Otherwise Xojo team will not know it is a wanted feature


Thanks. The question I’m asking is does anyone else (e.g. you) think this is a good idea.


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I cannot really speak as I do not develop for iOS
but Others may chime in here
If it is important to you then I say file a FB

You mean like this?


Well Greg explained that :grin:

Teaches us non iOS peeps

Where is this at?

Select the iOS target and click on the advanced tab in the inspector.

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PERFECT!!! Thanks!


I assume doing this correctly sets up the pList file.

The docs need to be changed to reflect this.


Where are you seeing that this is wrong?

Mobile Location in the Language Reference (at least on my machine). 2021.2.1