MobileHtmlViewer NewWindow missing / crash when target="_blank"


I want to achieve that a user of my iPhone app can click on a link shown by the MobileHtmlViewer control and the app then switches to another MobileScreen.

Due to the latest documentation of MobileHtmlViewer there should be an event called NewWindow.

Instead the IDE (version 2022 Rel. 4.1) is showing this:

Does anyone know if the missing NewWindow event is just called NewViewerRequested on the IDE?

Furthermore if I have an anchor tag like <a href="#" target=_blank">click here</a> in the html loaded by the MobileHtmlViewer control, the app crashes if the link was clicked (touched) on the MobileHtmlViewer. Without the “target” tag the link does not crash, but no event is fired.

Does anyone have an idea of how I can switch to another app screen by clicking a link from the html of the MobileHtmlViewer control?

Thanks for help!


I can reproduce the crash, please add a thumbs-up to this issue:

Thanks Jeremie, thumbs-up added!

@Stefan_Watermann - Have you tried using the InNewWindow parameter in Session.GoToURL?

Session.GoToURL("", True)