MobileCanvas UITextInput binding?

Xojo provides us with the TextInputCanvas plugin for desktop projects.

Has anyone tried to bind MobileCanvas or iOSCanvas to the iOS equivalent UITextInput so that Xojo iOS apps can also be extended with custom text input controls?

I don’t develop for iOS myself (yet), but maybe someone of the Xojo iOS developers, @Jason_King, @Jeremie_L, @Christian_Schmitz, can weigh in on the situation or say if they’ve already implemented something like this themselves.


It would almost certainly be possible to implement UITextInput using the iOSMobileUserControl but it would be a lot of declares to do so, depending on how much control you actually need. Abstracting it to the same APIs as the TextInputCanvas would be another layer of work on top of that and might not be possible

Thanks for your feedback @Jason_King.

Now what I need, what I want, is that the keyword is displayed when the user clicks on the control and the control can react to the keyboard input and based on that the display of the control is rendered. Furthermore it must be possible to get the coordinates of the pointer (down/up/drag) to render things like selection, drag’n drop or the updated view when the user “scrolls” in the control. These things could be done with MobilCanvas (since I need access to the Paint-Event = Graphics context), but this is useless, because MobileCanvas does not allow text input.

Do you have an example of what you mean? Selection, moving the pointer, scrolling, etc should all be handled by the MobileTextArea and default user interactions from iOS.

Yeah I know I could use MobileTextArea, but the goal is something owner drawn to implement things like this :wink:

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