Missing private key


i had to setup a new user-account on my mac, because my normal account was defect. Now i have the problem, that i cannot code-sign my apps. I tried to use xcode to refresh my certs, but it says only “missing private key” at my Mac development Signing identities.

How do i get this working again without getting my apps broken that are all ready in the app store?

First of all, the apps already in the MAS are no problem. They are signed and will remain so.
Secondly, I would just start over. Go to developer.apple.com and re-download your certificates. Then go through the process of installing your certificates for you new user acc’t. Then see if App Wrapper, or whatever you use to sign, will accept the new certs.
Good luck.

Hi Roger,

i did that. My Certs are now available in Xcode and in Appwrapper 3. But i get an error when wrapping up my app:

Critical Issue that need fixing
Failed to fix the framework "XojoFramework.framework".
Error: The current alias is missing

Try this: Click on the Gear Symbol at “Code Signature” in App Wrapper and activate the Checkmark at “Use Debugging Identity”.

As i mentioned above, i had to create a new user. And with this new user, i did not have started xojo before my signing tests, so the initial xojo-setup (load a license and so on) was not completed.

Now as i did this, the signing works.