missing old way of editing Method arg and return types

Liking XOJO but I have one big gripe. The old IDE used to display method footprints right abot the code editor AND allow us to edit that footprint IN PLACE. Now we have to do this on the right in the inspector.

Now I know this makes logical sense, but I really miss not being able to edit the method type definition in the old fashion. It also involves less “eye work”

Another gripe is that the new way of editing the method footprint is in a box so the args etc end up on different lines.

I liked the way the old IDE had the entire method definition in ONE line. Its just more readable.

Just being able to double click on the method definition ( text ) above the code editor and then be able to edit IN PLACE would be an

We have an idea to make this actually way better than it was before but there was not enough time to consider it for r1. We will look at improving this for r2.

Any progress? Or what improvements was Geoff talking about?

Only time progressed it seems! :frowning:

Not yet. But it’s still on the list.

I can assure you that’s VERY far from the truth and much more than “just time passing” has occurred
Simply look at the release notes for 2013r2, r3, r4 and 2014r1

I don’t want to speak for Andre, but I read that as regarding this particular improvement only.

Norman, just as Kem mentioned, i only meant to say this regarding this subject. I didn’t mean to say that all development stood still. I have read all release notes and checked many of them, so i know that you have worked like hell to accomplish all that.
However this method editing in the inspector is IMO one of the major design faults in the new IDE.

So please Norman, don’t be upset and sorry if i was the cause!

Well now there’s some interesting things here. For me I took to Xojo like it was natural - looking back on RS & RB they looked clunky. But the Xojo I’m using now looks like a 1.0 product so when R2 is mentioned are we looking at 2014R2 or Xojo R2?

And from a UI point of view apart from focus stealing I’m happy with the Inspector approach - but looking forward to seeing the alternatives though.

Wayne, please look at the date Geoff said to have better ideas, this was just after the release of Xojo 2013r1, thus as i understood he was mentioning Xojo 2013r2 and we are now 'close to release Xojo 2014r2. We are a year later.

You are right I missed the 2013, so it’s Xojo R2 at some future date, not so interesting after all i.e. vaporware.