Missing format option in "Make external" and "Export"

My projects are in xml with external xml items. So I create a new class, add some code, click in the Navigator on “Make external”, select xml instead of binary and save the new class.

Until today.

Yesterday I had major computer troubles. The iMac threw a hissy fit at the latest security update. I had to do a complete restore from TimeMachine. And now I have lost the format option in the Xojo dialog for “Make external” or “Export”.

This happens in Xojo 2018r3 and r4. Everything works fine on my MacBook Air. How do I fix this?

did you restore the entire time machine backup
or reinstall a clean macos and migrate from the time machine backup at first run ?
pretty sure you used the 1st method.
then should try the second.
good luck (and patience…)

Yes, I did the TimeMachine restore. No, I won’t do a clean install because restoring from TimeMachine already took a whole day.

The caches in Xojo are fresh, but it’s not a compile problem anyways. I could fry the preferences with PrefsEditor.

Looking near the top of the image there it seems that your xojo isnt licenced, probably due to the restore. This will cause the save screens to not show xml as an option. Try re-applying your licence using the Help>License Keys… menu after downloading the key from the website?


You can download the licence by clicking this tiny image to the right of the expiration date of your license.

ah yes Julian, it can be a licence problem … good catch.

@ : thanks, that was the problem.