Missing app icons in 2019r2

I build my app, and using Transporter, try to upload it to the App Store, but get the dreaded ERROR ITMS-90023 and WARNING ITMS-90704 - missing the iPad Pro 167x167 and App Store 1024x1024 icons.
When I open a delete my old icon folder, and insert a new one, there are no “slots” for the 167x167 or 1024x1024 images, but all the rest are there.
How can I insert these images to thet they are included in the .ipa for submission to the App Store?

My pipecleaner Swift app in Xcode 11 happily accepts these images and successfully submits.

They are the last two slots in the APP ICON section (167 is really 83.5)

I don’t see them - I have only 29, 58, 40, 80, 120, 180, 76 and 152. “Slots”, that is - blank images into which I drag the actual ones.

scroll down???

Sorry about the image size…
No scrollbar.

what version are you using… I have 2019r1.1 and there are two more entries on my screen

2019r1.1 didn’t work with Xcode 11, IIRC.

well I just fired up R2, and see them there are well

Oh Hell No!.. I’ll try a fresh project, again…

I opened up a fresh project, chose AppIcon, and lo and behold - there were the 2 missing slots.
Thank You!