Minimum xojo version for xojo cloud

Hi everyone I have xojo v 2019 1.1 web app that I’m considering hosting on xojo cloud.
Will this older version work ok?
What do I compile too?
Native or cgi?
Not a lot on the website I can find about details of setup min requirements etc
Any help much appreciated

I still have an application in XOJO Cloud, using the 2019 version.

It works great.

I think the last version I send to the Cloud, I use 2019 ver 3.2.

You can use the smallest XOJO Cloud version. But it depends a lot on how much data you want to use.

Does this answer help you?
If you need more detail, take the opportunity to indicate it.

Instead of compiling for cgi or standalone yourself, you simply choose Xojo Cloud as your build target, select your server from the list and press Deploy. Apps built with 2019r3.2 and earlier are always built as cgi and 2020r1 and later are always standalone.

Any version of Xojo that had a Xojo Cloud target in the navigator should work just fine.

Thanks Greg & Jose
That’s what I needed to here