Minimum Screen Sizes

What is considered a minimum screen to develop for on Mac and Windows Laptop/Desktop given we are now developing 64bit applications?

For modern tools, 1024x768 is a minimum that I even consider. 64 vs 32 bit development has no bearing on that :).

Thanks Tim. The only reason I mentioned 64bit was that it may have defined the age of the screen and hence what minimums were used in that gen.

I have a broken 11.6" screen that is 1920 x 1080 pixels… go figure !

I forgot: it is 4 years old and was touchscreen.

i used to have screen size 1000x650px for my application and recently upgrade to 1100x750 but if we do change the size to a bit bigger for individual client that we know have certain screen resolution.

And that should be your yardstick in a case like this - find out from your user base. That, and your app’s purpose would be the primary guiding factors. For example, a Tip Calculator doesn’t need to be larger than 200x600 while being fully features. On the other hand, a CAD package needs as much screen real estate as possible and REQUIRING a 1080P or larger display would not be unexpected.

As an aside, I doubt that any system newer than 2010 that isn’t a $99 ChromeBook, POS (Point of Sale), or otherwise specialized device won’t have at least a 1280x1024 display available. Even my $99 Kindle FireHD 10 is 1080P (1920x1080).

Thanks Tim and others for the feedback it is helping me get to the crux of the issue. My app is primarily aimed at the education market and I think I have been tripping myself up by trying to make the whole screen scalable to what ever size the monitor is and whatever legacy equipment they might still be holding in the school as most schools hang on to everything until it dies. I was trying to set a minimum of 800x600 but was having trouble getting some of the fonts I was using readable at that size and if the user stretched the screen to 800 x800 I was scaling the font but it was ruining the look of the interface.
I was going to go for a higher minimum but the first Windows laptop I picked up (which was relatively new) was min 800x600 and max of 1366 x 768 which is what started the thread and query. Still a bit stumped what minimum to set?

i would go for 1000x650 which is what i used to have for the last 12 years since 2005