Minimum IDE version to support a project?

Is there a way to find out what is the minimum (i.e. oldest) version of Xojo/RB is required to compile a project? I’m trying to redo my website and share more of my old code and I want to highlight for each project what which version of Xojo is required to open/compile it.

You mean the IDE version saved in the file ?

Check in this forum, sometimes ago someone shared an application that does that.

you can get my Xojo quicklook plugin:

than in Finder you see the version number in icon/preview.

Not what he’s asking for, guys.

He wants to know what’s the minimum possible version the project will run in based on features, language changes, and all that fun stuff from updates.

sorry, nobody knows that. For that you need to analyze code.

If that’s true, that’s a little disappointing. I wonder if any of the Xojo people are able to answer this? Presumably the IDE itself has a way to determine if a project is openable by it? Seems like it would be good if that API could be opened up a little?

There is a MinIDEVersion property in Text projects, but they seem to all say 20070100 which can’t be right. The RBProjectVersion tells you what version of the IDE saved the file. That’s about all the information one can discern without analyzing the project in the IDE.

The MinIDEVersion is only increased if the older IDEs can’t open file without loosing something important.

Oh okay, good to know. Thanks :slight_smile:

Interesting. OK, thanks for the help.