Minimizing a window

Hi all
For some reasons, I need to have the same window on macOS without any titlebar and on Windows with the minimize button.
On macOS, I use declares to get rid of the titlebar.
I set the minimizebutton to true to be able to minimize it on Windows, but… I get the button on macOS, displayed inside the window !
If I set this button to false, I can’t minimize the window on Windows.
As the minimizebutton is a property non settable by program, I don’t see how to have the same window with 2 behaviors depending of the OS.
May be there is a Windows declare to set the button or a macOS declare to get rid of it. But which declare ? Thanks for your help.

I found a solution :
Inside the IDEScript used for compilation, I add the 2 “propertyvalue” lines :
propertyvalue(“myWindow.HasMinimizeButton”) = “true”
BuildMac = False
BuildWin32 = True
propertyvalue(“myWindow.HasMinimizeButton”) = “false”