Minimal XOJO Version to build for Windows 10

Which XOJO version do I need minimum to build an application for Windows 10? I’m currently using 2013R3. My builds work everywhere but not on Window 10.

What do you mean by “work everywhere but not on Windows 10” ?
What error message do you see?

Care to share the Windows 10 version you have trouble(s) with ? 1709 ?

Apps built with Xojo 2013 work on Windows 10

You will probably be accessing a location that is no longer valid in Windows 10

What happens when you try to run them?

I have 3 Windows tools built with 2011r3 that work fine on Windows 10 - 2 GUI, 1 Console.

Granted, the GUI apps don’t run properly on Windows Server 2012, but that’s a different ballgame when dealing with user-level apps on the Server OSes.

My RB 2008 r4.2 apps work on Win10, however, I did have to make a couple minor adjustments to some paths when reading/writing files.

Can you be more specific
What is not working?
What errors are you getting?
Can you post the related code?