Mini pc as web server?

have someone experience with a mini pc with windows 10 acting as web app server?
or its better to use windows server os?
distribution of this mini pc’s are usually with win 10 pro.
this mini pc could also be used for staff as information, preparatory work.

Windows (non Server) will have a very low limit on concurrent connects (7 I believe with PRO, could be less on HOME Version)

really? also with my own xojo web app running?

Yes correct
That is just limitations of those versions
Plus there will be some tools only available in a Server edition

You could use the PC (Windows 10) on an a LAN for a handful of people or for Testing but would not recommend for Internet production use

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ok thanks.
it is only for a handful of people from staff which can set a flag for a task done.

When you say “concurrent connects”… what type of connects are you referring to and what is limiting the connections?

The OS is limiting the connections otherwise they would sell less Server OS products
Concurrent connections means how many accepting socket connections the OS will allow from users
I might stand corrected and some info I just saw suggests Windows 10 Pro might allow Max 20 BUT I have not verified this

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i even read it seams the 20 concurrent connections limit are in case of MS IIS is used as reverse proxy somehow.

isn’t it easier to install some linux server distro on it ?


I’ve ran a few apps on a raspberry pi. If @MarkusR is just looking for a small computer to use.

Depends, some people are more experienced with Windows and IIS
But Yes Linux would be a great choice

it is not my choice, for our needs ms os would be better, more pros than cons.

if this server would be linux than raspberry pi 4 is a option, yes.
we will have a debate soon with extern it service man.

5-10 clients are fine on a stasndard windows. Even more if the don’t stay connected. For more users, use linux or Windows Server

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