Mini DP DisplayPort to HDMI/DVI/VGA Display For Old MacAir

My daughter wants to take my old MacAir 2011 to do a presentation in college. I somehow have my doubts that she can use a Mini DP DisplayPort to HDMI/DVI/VGA Display of a first generation Thunderbolt to hook it up to an overhead. Anyone able to put me straight on this? Thanks.

from the MacAir point of view it should be no problem… I think the problem is more the projector.
But I suggest she figure it all out more that 15 minutes prior to her presentation :slight_smile:

Apple’s website says:

That would seem to indicate that it should work with the correct adapter.

Of course the MacBook Air can be used for this.
We do have one here which can be hooked to a projector with HDMI adapter.

tha macbookair 2011 has a thunderbolt port. this carries out the display, but also usb and ethernet and firewire datas.
of course no problem to output any video output, and with the correct adapter, use it on hdmi,dvi or vga display, Up to 2560 by 1600 pixels.

Should be fine I have one of those for my 2011 mbp. Just make sure she produces her slides in the right aspect ratio and get her to test the setup well in advance. Nothing quite like a techofluster before a big presentation :slight_smile: gluck

I fondly remember my best training:

  • we literally couldn’t see the building we were supposed to go because it was invisible in the fog
  • then the training was in another building
  • and finally we had big problems getting to the presentation on the USB key because the USB on the training PCs was locked

Thanks everyone. My main concern was the fact that the machine is from 2011.

even if it was only a minidisplay port (the same as thunderbolt but without the small strike beside)
it would have worked too (and with the same adapters)
only in hdmi there can be some problems with norm level, and with sound on 2008-2009 models.