Min iOS version

I have been getting reports from people using iOS12 that my app won’t open for them.
Im pretty sure it needs to be for iOS 14
Can I force a minimum version anywhere in Xojo - Im using 2023, or in the App Store area, or in a plist?

On the iOS tab, the last item should be minimum version.

Thanks Greg.
What/where is an iOS Tab? I can only see the thing at the bottom left, nothing there.

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This is my screen… (Xojo 2023 R1)
I guess the answer is ‘there is a later version’, but I can’t afford to spend yet another $400 just to change one setting… where does the minimum version get written?

Plist file

Well, it wasn’t simple, but I think I’ve done it.
If there is anyone else in the same position:

I built for App Store.

In the resulting folder we get an IPA and an APP file.
The IPA is encrypted.
You can ‘Show Package Contents’ on the APP file, and get the info.plist from that.
The minimum version is shown in clear text.
I copied the contents, amended the minimum version to 13, and then saved it into the info.plist that I already had as part of my project.

Changed app version, built again, and checked the plist inside the new APP
That had correctly updated the build number, but it now contained the new minimum iOS version I had set.

Next step will be App review.