Migration Windows Vs Linux

Hello group, I am developing slowly and with your help a software that I will use for my work, I am moving from VB6 to Xojo. Now I was wondering, the program runs fine on Windows, reads a SQL LITE database and so far so good. Let’s assume I want to bring it to Linux too, what should I do?

Start by downloading the Xojo version for Linux and install it onto your Linux developer environment (VM or real host). Copy your project to that system, open it in the Linux version of Xojo and run it under the debugger. The IDE will highlight any issues fairly well.

From then, it is simply selecting the Linux target in the IDE and building.

Perfect, thanks.

You’ll also want to become familiar with conditional compilation. The lines of code are very helpful when you want to one thing in windows but something else in linux. See below:

#if TargetWindows Then
your code for windows
#elseif TargetLinux Then
your code for Linux
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Also, there are reported issues with printing to a network printer with certain versions of Linux which is well documented in this forum. As soon as you select printer setup or print functions in your application, the application crashes. Xojo has known about this a long time. Several workarounds are outlined in the forum. I decided to create PDFs as a preview and then print from the PDF viewer. Others chose different routes.

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Thanks for all information.

If your Linux machine is also in your office, you could try using the Remote Debugger Stub to hitch allows you to run the app from Windows over a network connection to another computer. That would also give you a sample of what will need to change, if anything.

Just make sure you install all of the runtime dependencies for Xojo and built apps first.