Migration Assistant producing corrupt projects?

I’m trying to migrate the following project:


It’s a VB6 project with one form and one module. The migration assistant produces what appears to be a valid XML file, but when I open it in the Xojo IDE, I don’t see any items in the ‘Contents’ side bare aside from the App object. Any ideas why that is?

Here is a link to the migrated project:
Can someone tell me why this project wouldn’t load properly?

Looking at the generated XML file, there are four constants that have names ending in "& (VERSION_LOOK&, VERSION_NONE&, VERSION_LOST&, VERSION_FAIL&). This is producing an invalid XML file, so it doesn’t get loaded properly. Removing the “&” from the constant names allows the XML file to load.

Updated XML Project

Editing the original VB source to fix the constants so they don’t end in “&” is probably best, however.

This might be something that I can update VBMA to do automatically, so please file a Feedback case with these project samples.

Awesome! Thanks a bunch!