Migrating from Realbasic to Xojo when using Frontbase

I have an database front end application which is still on RealBasic. It is cross platform with both OSX and Windows clients and the Frontbase database runs on an OSX machine. It has been running for ages (the first front end was written in RB2.1).

With OSX evolving there will soon be the need to go 64 bit - also because security requirements are increasing. With the absence of a plugin for Frontbase for Xojo, is there anyone who has done this before or has any suggestions? I see 3 options:

  1. See if the ODBC driver for Frontbase is an effective option
  2. Migrate to SQL or PostgreSQL - but I have no experience with that
  3. Find out that a Frontbase plugin actually exists for Xojo

Any suggestions on this? I would prefer to stay on Frontbase because it has been a very good experience.

The ODBC drivers they have listed on their site look ancient so not sure that will work
The REALbasic plugin also listed is also ancient (RB 3.0)

So there may not be a “current” or modern option

Postgresql isn’t so bad esp since it has a ton of support from the Enterprise DB guys
You can download a simple installer for OS X Windows & Linux and just use it
Its free in every sense of the word

I would also migrate to postgres. nice experience to launch.
all you risk is that they stop the software with no solution.
it does not seems to have evolved for the last 5-10 years, it will sooner or later disappear.
you will have a better future with postgres.