Migrating an App from Real Studio 4.3 to Xojo 2019

And make sure you save the project (keeping a backup of the original, of course) in each successive version before you try to open it in the next one. The jump from 2011 -> 2018 might just be too much all at once.

Thank you all, specially Tim Jones,

“when you have long running background loops” This pictures exactly my app.

As I have stated on last post From Xojo 2015 r1 to Xojo 2018 r1 almost everything works exception made list boxes refresh and progress bar.

Following your advices I’ll keep trying. I’ll get back to you asap. Regards

From https://documentation.xojo.com/resources/release_notes/2018r4.html

maybe your app is using something not longer supported with that.

For clarity, Alberto is pointing out the SDK change - which is the reason your progress bars and tight loop updates aren’t working.
To fix this you need to thread your tight loops, and pass info to the main thread with either the Task or Timer threading design.

The Timer design is to have a timer on the interface that every so often the Action event will check the thread properties for status info (progress, labels, whatever).

The Task design is an example project in the Xojo install - it passes information out of the thread in an event/task system back to the main thread. This can be easier to update from within the thread, but is more complicated to implement if you don’t understand it.

In both cases Threads cannot touch the UI.

Thanks Alberto and Tim.

There are no conflicts between my app and the 2018r4 release notes provided by Alberto.

Regarding Tim observations let me see if I get it right… I’ll setup a timer that will trigger once in a while a refreshed display of the main listbox and the progress bar…

I have dealt with timers on another app so it is something easy to implement if you believe it is the solution.


Check the example projects that come with the Xojo install

Example Projects\\Desktop\\UpdatingUIFromThread

The updated SDK is more than meets the eye:

My app using System font running 2018r3

same code, same system font, the only difference is that now is running a version with SDK 10.14

Hi Brian,

Very useful, thank you.

Very time consuming implementation.

How are your File I/O Dialog(s) ? Do you get the awaiting files types ?

FileType have greatly changed (and need manual changes).

Also (Edit):

If you wrote that because you used “System" font name, you are (or will be) wrong (soon). Probably before 2018…

The system font had changed in some OS recently. (Wasn’t it Chicago long time ago ?).

Thank you Emile.

Just trying to make a point about changes. Yes, using System font and running the app in different macOS versions will have this problem too. I bet the ‘System’ font in 10.14 is different than in 10.12, just showing that even running the same app in same system, because of SDK 10.14, the displayed text is different.