Migrate TextArea to FTC 3.2.0

I have hundreds of texts edited in TextArea and stored in a Sqlite database. The data is stored with

 dbRec.BlobColumn("ThemaDetail") = MyControl.StyledText.RTFData 

and retrieved from database with

 MyControl.StyledText.RTFData = DBRecSet.IdxField(8) 

I’ve enriched the text with own attributes for URL, link etc…

Now I will replace the TextArea with the FTC 3.2.0 - so I have to migrate the text.

I load the text from the Sqlite database and send it with MyFTCControl.setRTF(dbRec.IdxField(8)) to FTC control.
The origin TextArea has link’s and some formatting.
The FormattedTextControl has got all the text but the attributes are out of place.

Is it possible to change the attributes in FTC directly? Or must the text become newly created in FTC?

When the colors are wrong like that we’ll need the raw RTF data to explore why.

I would suggest saving the RTF data from your application to a file with an rtf extension and then load the file into Word and/or Pages and see which piece of software has the bug. If the bug turns out to be in the FTC, send Bob Keeney the rtf file.

Yes thanks!

I’ve send an e-mail to Bob Keeney.

I’ve solved my problem.

My FTC in my window is named DocArea.

The original text is the content out of TextArea.StyledText.RTFData.

This text becomes converted with TextArea.getRTF . With the FTC you will get the module TextAreaRTFUtilities which enhances the common TextArea.

The result of method getRTF becomes send into the FTC with DocArea.setRTF(TextArea1.StyledText.RTFData) .

Now the text looks in TA and FTC equal!