MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe issue

My app opens a page in HTMLViewer at startup

One customer is seeing an error that says MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe was unable to start
Anyone else seeing this ?

I would use Webkit (CEF3) instead of the diverse native ones found in the machines (that can be broken).

That’s a weird error, since the HTMLViewer doesn’t (can’t) use Edge, it uses the IE engine instead.

Jeff, are you setting the registry properly so you get the latest IE version? See code example in

In Windows 10, you have the ability to uninstall Internet Explorer.

See: Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on off

I wonder what HTMLViewer does in that case, if the render option is set to “Native”?

Probably dies an inglorious death since the OLE object creation should fail

Hmmm. I’ve read in a forum that this error is frequently associated with computer virus infections and damaged installs (maybe damaged by virus).

Customer now believes the problem was ‘caused by’ AVG
Im switching to Webkit for next build. We’ll see