Microsoft.PointOfService.dll class not found


I need to print tickets on an epson printer, but i cant get to import the required methods and properties from the dll correctly.
I have already downloaded the file (Microsoft.PointOfService.dll), and copied it to “C:\Program Files\Xojo\Xojo 2018r1.1\Xojo Libs”, system and system32 folders.

Declare Sub PosExplorer Lib "Microsoft.PointOfService"

Dim pe As New PosExplorer()

The diplayed error says: “Expected a type name, but found method POSExplorer instead”
It is not recognizing the datatype PosExplorer.
Any help/comment/suggestion will be gladly recieved. Thank you!

It’s a C# class library and can’t be used this way. If you want to use it in Xojo, probably the best method would be to wrap it and expose what you need. If its just printing to an epson printer, it might be easier to address the printer directly using RAW or a serial interface if it has one.

than you Julian, but what do yo mean by wraping it and exposing what i need?

You would have to wrap it in a COM object.

thank you Paul, i´ll see what i can do with that, regards!