Microsoft Number Pad triggering Cancel Button

I use a Bluetooth Microsoft Number Pad with my Mac. I have a container control with Text Fields, combine boxes, an OK button and the default Cancel button.

Whenever I try to type a number with the Microsoft Number Pad, the Cancel Button button is triggered.

I can work around it by turning off the Cancel option in the editor, but then keyboard shortcuts for cancel don’t work.

Any ideas how to get it working properly?

Seems incompatible. Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard Number Pad Not Working - Microsoft Community

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t looks like the number pad fires two KeyDown events - one with ASCII 63289, and the other for the key pressed.

The 63289 is the one triggering the Cancel Button.

I was able to figure it out with Karabiner Elements - an app for remapping keys. When you use the number pad it sends two key presses - on for “keypad_num_lock” and one for the key pressed.

In Karabiner Elements I remapped the “keypad_num_lock” to "vk_none (disable this key) and it stopped triggering the Cancel Button while still sending the key pressed.


I remember, in Mac OS 9 and early OS X (IIRC), the num lock key was reliably useable to cancel things, doing the same as the Esc key.
I’m not surprised this relation still exists today, though I can’t explain it clearly (and why it’s not always behaving like that is also vague).

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