Microsoft Edge Can't read and write to directory error


I am assuming this is an issue with the built in WebView or the MBS WebView2

Some users are reporting this error on Windows;
Microsoft Edge Can’t read and write to directory

Indicating this directory: C:\Program File (x86)\Appname\Appname.exe.WebView2\EBWebView

I am not sure if this is due to the built in HTMLViewer or possibly the WebView2MBS

This is with;
Xojo 2023r1.1
Windows 11

Running the app as administrator does not seem to work.

Seems to be a problem with other apps as well that use WebView2. I am assuming it is some kind of strange permissions or incorrect user issue.

Thank you!

You set the UserDataFolder property in Configure event?

I didn’t set this. Thanks for pointing it out. I think this is the issue as I can now see the EBWebView folder being created in the UserDataFolder.