Miami Ride Sharing

We tried to see if we had enough people to coordinate rides from the hotel back to the airport and of the responses we received, none were going at complimentary times. But I thought I’d post this on the forum if anyone wants to try to coordinate travel from Miami International Airport to the Marriott Biscayne Bay.

The quickest route from the airport is taxi. If you have more time, there is a Miami Shuttle or train/bus. Taxis take about 15 minutes (7.5 miles away) and costs around $25. The Miami Shuttle makes many stops and is $15. It can be reached at 786-873-7304.

So, if you are arriving on Tuesday, April 30th and want to see if there is anyone arriving to share a taxi, post your arrival time here and then you can pm to coordinate. Hope this helps!

i arrive on the 30th at around 3:30 PM

I arrive at 5:28pm on Delta 2893.

I’m driving a rental car down from about 2 hours north, on Tuesday the 30th.

Thinking about dropping it at the airport as I have a very early morning flight out on Thursday, so a Taxi would be easier.

With that, I can coordinate to meet pretty much anytime Tuesday afternoon.

Would prefer to do so by 3:30pm


I won’t be there but wanted to mention that Uber and Lyft will almost certainly be cheaper than a taxi. Looking at lyft quickly it looks like it’s $16.50 between the airport and hotel. If you haven’t used Lyft before you can get a referral code online that will give you like $2 off your first 5 rides as well. I think Uber has a similar promotion as well.

Any other attendees interested?

I feel like I’ll want to stretch my legs when I arrive at 11:32 so I’m just taking the Miami Mover for 2.25$ that will drop me off at Miami Central, which seems to be about 1.2 miles to the hotel and fully walkable with sidewalks.

Total trip time appears to be ~30 minutes train + ~25 minutes walk…

FWIW, the hotel told me that if you have the time, it’s quite easy to do.

I will be arriving on Monday, 29 April at 5 pm and, unless there are others, expect to take the train.

I saw the day pass for bus/metro is $5.65, so we may get that and get everywhere easily, I hope.
Seems like you can also take the bus from station near hotel to Miami Beach. May be worth walking down Lincoln Rd Mall to the beach.

I’m definitely hitting Miami Beach on Tuesday afternoon! I read that they have lockboxes at certain kiosks so your stuff doesn’t get stolen when you go for a swim.

I cannot wait to see the ocean!

I arrive tuesday afternoon and leave mid day saturday. dont have exact times as delta’s website is having issues at the moment.

I arrive at 1pm on tuesday. if anyone is around at that time and wants to split an Uber to the hotel, great! if not, that is fine too.

if anyone needs/wants me contact info, please DM me and I will send it to you. dont want to publically post it as google/bing/yahoo/etc scrap data out of the forums.

thanks and see yall in a few days!

For $2.25 you can take the metrorail from the airport to government center then jump on the metromover omni loop to Adrienne Arsht center. Marriot is a block or two away just head towards the water. Whole trip was 35 minutes or so.
Keep your ticket and ride metro all day. (Take the elevator to level 3 from baggage claim to find the metrorail)


Just a reminder… if you are using the iOS XDC app, you can open the locations tab and touch the entry for the hotel. It will give you directions to the hotel using local transportation.