method/class/interface name length issues.

Ok, It might just me. But I have run into an issue when I have interface names that are long (didnt count the length but approximately 32 characters or so long), and I make an array of those interfaces the compiler hangs ~50% the way through. And I have to force quit the IDE. but if I remove that array, it compiles without issue.

I haven’t spent much time trying to figure out where the issue truly is. and I might be waaaaay off. but that is the only code difference between compiles and crashes. so I am 90% sure it is there.

I am just curious. I am still hacking away at the code as I am writing documentation for a client. The coding is the fun part… Developers hate to do documentation.

Have a great weekend all!!

This is news to me. If you’ve got an example project, please file a bug report.

@Joe Ranieri let me do a little troubleshooting if it is truly a bug and not something scott is doing something stupid, I will file a report.

is there a limit on lengths of names?

No. There are a few compiler tests to ensure that it won’t crash with extremely long names, though none for the specific situation you’re talking about.