Messages debug pane

Is there a way to open the debug/messages pane when you ‘run’ the project in debug mode?

Do you mean via code rather than clicking the button?

To clarify: I’d like the Messages pane to open automatically when I click Run. I’m super lazy. I’d like to click one button, not two lol…

Maybe IDE scripts?

Sounds like a Feature request is on your future.

However, in 18r4, if you open the messages pane before you run the debug session, it remains open.

I’m on 18r4 too (on a Mac)… I tried that. When I have it open, and click run, it closes after the app launches.

If you go into Edit>Options>Debugging there’s a checkbox at the bottom that will stop it closing every time you Run.

I would love for the Message window to open itself up if a message was received and it wasn’t open, I think I put in a feature request for that a long time ago. EDIT. Maybe I dreamt I did.

@ - that did it. Thanks!