Message window not displaying the label

Hi Guys,
Sorry to post this but I looked and really tried all I read (loops, timers, etc)

What I want to do is simply display a “saving…” message box while I save to a database. I made a window and a method in that window to pass the text I want displayed so I can use it for something else not just “saving…”. All good except the label does not show, just the window. Please let me know what I can do. When I press the save button, I have this code. Progresswindow.Progress(“saving”) which calls the method. At the end of saving, I have ProgressWindow.hide

This code is in method:

ProgressWindow.Label1.Text = text1
// do nothing for 1/4 second or so 
Dim waitUntil As Integer = Ticks + 60 
While ticks < waitUntil 

Thanks in advance

On my mobile so I can’t double check but try ProgressWindow.Label1.Refresh(false) after the .show

Thank You Julian. That did it.

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