Mergeable Listbox control still available?


I’m upgrading my Mac/Win apps for 64-bit and so can no longer use the old StyleGrid. I only used it to be able to display rows with multiple lines of text (varying row heights). On this forum people have mentioned two alternatives:

  • HTMLViewer. I could use this as a last resort but I’d like to be able to get events from a row being selected or double-clicked
  • Karen’s Mergeable Listbox control. I’d like to check this out but I can’t find a working download link

The two links that I’ve found are:

Is this still available ?

@Karen Atkocius

If not, any other alternatives for Mac & Win 64-bit?



Another option is piDog’s DataView control. It can not only do merging of cells (either direction), but varying row heights and a LONG list of other features. Available in source or encrypted format.

Thanks Douglas. DataView looks very capable. As I’d only need a small sub-set of what it can do I’d like to see if Karen’s listbox is still available. Also, from the download link it looks like DataView is only 32-bit on Windows.


I don’t know that DataView is limited to 32-bit builds on Windows. I still create my Windows executables as 32-bit but my macOS as 64-bit. However you could download the demo and see. Once you see what all DataView can do, you may find you “need” more of the features than you may suppose.

Mark, I think the Win32 reference is for Windows or Windows API and not only 32 bit. I have seen several times people referring to windows as win32 even for 64bit apps.

I found this searching for win32 meaning:

Win32 has not implied 32-bit code since the early 90s, when it drew a distinction between 16-bit Windows 3 and 32-bit later versions. The modern 64-bit versions of Windows implement a native 64-bit API, and it is called "Win32"

From the release notes I found that the first thing in version 1.4.0 is ‘64bit compatible!’. The latest version is 1.11.0

@Mark Franken
How about this link:

It worked for me. I’ve never used it, but I’ve always heard good feedback from people that have.

Okay thanks for the replies. Thanks for the info on Win32 Douglas and Alberto. I see the link now works :slight_smile:

FYI I am out of town and won’t be back home until Saturday.

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